Act your retirement age

An age-based guide to meeting your retirement goals

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Wherever you are in life, everyone should have one common goal: Save for retirement! Of course, depending on your age, your retirement savings objectives will be different.

This article was developed to help you understand what you should be doing now to help ensure a comfortable retirement. Whether in your 20s or 60s, we have sound, helpful tips to help get you to your retirement goals. Based on age range, the following sections offer insight into the most important initiatives:

20 somethings

In your 20s, strive to accomplish the following:

·       Set up an emergency fund so you can cover fixed expenses for least 3 to 6 months should you lose your job, become ill, etc.

·       Secure health insurance.

·       Start a retirement account and set up regular contributions.

30 somethings

In your 30s, strive to accomplish the following:

·      Eliminate student loan debt as quickly as possible.

·      Save for a down payment on a home—at least 10 to 20 percent to build immediate equity and avoid the added cost of private mortgage insurance.

·      Secure life insurance and establish a will.

·      Aim to contribute 15 percent (but not less than 10 percent) of your pre-tax income to retirement.

40 somethings

In your 40s, strive to accomplish the following:

·      Eliminate all non-mortgage consumer debt—this includes looming student loans and credit card debt.

·      Pay extra on your mortgage principal to save on interest.

·      Start college funds for your kids—they’ll be off to university before you know it!

50 somethings

In your 50s, strive to accomplish the following:

·      Max out your retirement options to stay on track with meeting retirement goals.

·      Create a living trust to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes (and to avoid the time and expense of probate).

·      Continue to pay extra on your home mortgage.

·      Research long-term care insurance and secure insurance as needed.

60 somethings

In your 60s, strive to accomplish the following:

·      Fine tune your retirement goals and work with your financial advisor to adjust your plan as needed.

·      Review your life insurance and will to make sure both reflect your current situation and wishes.

·      Create a living trust if you have not already.

Saving for retirement should be on everyone’s radar—no matter your age. The time is now to put a solid plan in place. Trust that you’ll be happy you did as you approach your retirement years!

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